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A Custom Photo Shoot will involve three main components.  There will be a Pre-Shoot discussion, the Shoot itself, and then the Proofing and Selection of Final Images.

As mentioned earlier, the most important part of the Custom Photo Shoot is the preparation.  During this time we will discuss the ideas that you have in your mind's eye and determine how we can bring these ideas to life through photography.  The more detailed the discussion, the better.  But, don't stress over the details, as we will hash this all out together.  If I'm doing my job right, this will be more of a back-and-forth conversation that should be very relaxed and ultimately get us both on the same page for the shoot.

If you're interested in discussing a Custom Shoot idea, please send me a message via email from the "Contact Me" link at the top of the page...and let's get the conversation started!

About Me:

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, my first exposure to international travel came during a study abroad program during undergrad studies at Penn State University. From that one eye-opening experience, I was hooked. Hooked on experiencing different people, places, cultures, foods, and perspectives. I was so hooked, that I studied abroad a second time before graduating and have since traveled to almost 40 different countries and even had the opportunity to live in Africa for six months. Over the years, I became inspired by sharing my experiences with family and friends through the medium of photography. With that inspiration, I started to study photography more formally at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia in hopes of capturing more technically sound images as well as mastering the fundamentals of photography. As my knowledge and skill set grew, I began doing shoots with friends mostly for class assignments or just for fun...and this is where the Custom Concept photography side of my work originated. It’s exciting to brainstorm ideas with someone who has a concept of the images they’d like to create and then execute on those ideas. To see those projects come alive and deliver exactly what the customer desires is a tremendous amount of fun.


As a travel photographer, my goal is quite simple: Capture candid moments that will evoke an emotional response from the viewer of the final image. Through these images, I aim to give the viewer a glimpse into a world that may be well beyond their own borders or experiences.

As a custom concept photographer, my goal is equally simple: Create images for my clients that bring to life the concept(s) that they envision prior to the session. The most important part of this process is what happens prior to the shoot. The brainstorming and preplanning conversations are what make the shoot fun for both the client and the photographer.

What’s Apogee?

I get asked a lot about the name Apogee Images. People ask what it means and if Apogee has something to do with Aperture. In fact, it does not.  The definition of Apogee, as per, is:


1. the point in its orbit around the earth when the moon or an artificial satellite is at its greatest distance from the earth

2. the highest point

Both definitions appealed to me for the name of my company. As it pertains to an object being farthest from its center point during orbit, I hope to push my own boundaries and get to the furthest, outermost edge as possible in an effort to create images that inspire through a unique perspective. The highest point definition is much more straight forward. In photography, as well as life in general, I’m always striving to perform at the highest level possible. With photography specifically, I strive to create the highest quality images that I possibly can in the hopes of visually inspiring my family, friends, and clients.

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